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Take E-Commerce to the Next Level

Looking for a way to really GRAB your customer's attention? In 4 easy steps, you can reach more of your target market while providing a seamless mobile experience. With thousands of color combinations, you can personalize your mobile app to fit the scheme of your business, website, or company logo. Why settle for a clumsy mobile website when you can incorporate all of your most important features in a mobile app with a sleek design?


A Whole New Dining Experience

Offer your patrons the best of online experiences with an efficient and intuitive mobile app. Anyone interested in what your restaurant has to offer will be able to check the menu, call you, or even get navigation to your location, all from within your restaurant's mobile app. For less than the cost of hiring a developer, you can build, connect, and launch. No coding required!


Give Your Fans the Best of You

Need a way to give your fans the best method of keeping up with you? Provide on-the-spot updates about your schedule, merchandise, and upcoming releases. Point your aficionados directly to your official social media pages for quick and easy likes, favorites, and shares. Choose from plenty of stunning layouts, No coding required! Take advantage of rich media integration, or build your app using the html editor. Let your supporters be just as in-tune as you are!


Reduce Costly Paper and Printing Expenses

What better way to stimulate growth and learning than to give your students and their parents a progressive way to stay connected? Keep an updated calendar of sporting events, fundraisers, shows and more. Let students check their next holiday using the calendar feature and parents track grades with ease. Start going green in just 4 easy steps!


Manage Your Event Like Never Before

If you are hosting an event, you can hand out fliers, try to start a trendy hashtag, and post updates to ten different sources. Or you can manage the entire event with ease from your own personally designed mobile app. Choose from hundreds of features, whether it be a schedule of activities, social media management, contests, or registration management. Make hosting your next 5k, music festival, expo, conference, seminar or fundraiser as effortless as making your app!

One App for All Platforms

  • Make an iPhone App

    With over 275 million smartphone users across the globe relying on Apple’s intuitive software, we have crafted a game-changer in the app industry. Before Peppy’s standards, incorporating your business or organization into a tidy iPhone app meant relying on a programmer or developer to fabricate your personal thoughts and preferences. This also meant an outrageous fee as well as a monthly hosting cost. Today, we offer ridiculous launch prices compared to yesteryear. Your customers will enjoy a smoothly-running native app that gives them the best experience in accessing your products and services on the go. If the idea of building from scratch is daunting, you can count on us! Our team is rigorously working to add new features everyday.

  • Make an Android App

    The Android OS is known for its ever-expanding list of customizable features and settings as well as its mobility. Wouldn’t you want to offer the same experience to your own customers? If your website already has the design of your dreams, bring it over! You can add your color theme, RSS feeds, social media links, and more within your customized mobile app! Let us help you take your brand to the next level while offering you an additional approach to increasing your revenue.

  • Make an App for Android Tablets

    While the tablet market being nearly saturated is a bad thing for tablet manufacturers, it’s an absolutely amazing thing for small businesses! By building an app for the Android tablet marketplace, you’ll be increasing your visibility to tablet users. This means you’ll be able to reach your customers that are savvy enough to use a computer, but not able to get as much as they want out of a smartphone. With a larger display, you’ll be able to provide the best mobile app experience without compromising on display quality.

  • Make an app for iPad

    It is widely known that Apple now shares many of the consumers in the smartphone market. But when it comes to the tablet market, it is still the king of the techy jungle. This means that your target market will likely be using an iPad.Why not give your customers a beautifully designed app that keeps them in sync with all that your business has to offer? Don’t your customers deserve to have the latest in intuitiveness? Take a look at our business-ready features and start making an app TODAY!

  • Make HTML5 Web App

    With a HTML5 web application, you develop an app that does not need to be downloaded from a store but can be opened directly into an internet browser. A HTML5 web applicationcan easily be accessed from a mobile as well as from a desktop, thus it delivers you a responsive website. Now, with no extra effort or coding you can create fully responsive and optimized web applications using our platform!

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With no coding experience, you can create your mobile app in minutes. With a few clicks, your mobile app will be ready to go Live while you enjoy your latte.

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Choose from thousands of colors, features, and layouts to give your app the most appealing design. Couple functionality with charm and watch your investment grow.


Whether you want to sell directly from your mobile app, allow consumers to generate coupons, or just make money through mobile ads, we've got you covered.

Full Control

Manage, change, or update any of your features effortlessly. Modify your app and send Push Notifications to your customers whenever you want, wherever you want.

Promotional Tools

Share and promote your mobile app easily with our built-in QR Code, PROMOTE and Create your brand awareness with an app with just a few clicks.

Fast Results

Targeting iPhone users, Android users, or both, upload your app to the two largest app markets in the world! Stay in your customer's pocket all the time.

One App. Many Devices.

With Peppy, you build your dream app, upload it to the App Store and/or Google Play Store, and device optimization is set in motion. Whether your target audience is rocking the latest iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, have comfort in knowing they will have the ultimate of mobile app experiences. They'll think you broke the bank for them, but that can be your little secret.

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